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CARBuddy 2.0

CARBuddy 2.0

CARBuddy Publisher's Description

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CARBuddy is the absolute market leader in maintenance,

vehicle tax and expense tracking software that gives you ...



At $49.99 that's what we call value for money .
Your car is one of the most expensive purchases you make. If you take care of it, you'll likely

extend its useful life. And if you can show evidence of proper care and maintenance, you stand

to get a good price when it's time to sell or trade. That's what this CARBuddy does -- helps you

get better organized so that you know what's been done, what needs to be done, and where

you're money's going.




Enter information in to CARBuddy only once, and it's at your fingertips for ever.

No more trying to find that last repair receipt, or sitting with a pad and pencil trying to figure

things out. Easily track your business and personal auto expenses and travel information.

Quickly know what was done, where and when, and how much it cost and when you need to do

it again. All the relevant tax information is stored against the vehicle and can be viewed and

printed by a press of a button.
You don't have to be a computer expert.
CARBuddy easy to install - easy to use it practically runs itself. It's for anyone with a car or

something on wheels with an engine.




Get handy reminders when service is due or renewals is due.
You define a maintenance schedule for each car you own. When service is coming due, you'll get

a friendly reminder when you start the program. Knowing when service was last performed, and

when it is needed next, helps you keep your car in top condition, and significantly decreases your

risk of being stranded waiting for a tow. You will also receive a friendly reminder when certain items

like the license tag needs renewal.  




You get a wide variety of reports to choose from.
You get valuable information you need, when you need it. The program will  automatically

produce your reports on-screen in preview mode. That way you don't have to print them unless you want to. You can even save the report to file and e-mail it to another party if you need to. The

reports are categorized for your convenience so you do not have to wonder where to find a

specific type of report. 



Just a click of a button.
The program graphs your fuel economy in miles per gallon (or Liters per 100 km). By Clicking another button you can look at your cost of fuel per month over the same period of time , or the volume of

fuel used per month over the same period of time. The graphs enable you to see important trends. If you see a decline in fuel economy, it might be time to take your car in for a check-up.



There's a place for just about everything! Use what you need.
Store your paint code, your key code, horsepower ratings, tire and wheel size, and loan details.

There's a spot for your insurance and registration info, and even auto emission stats. You get a trip

log, travel log and vehicle notepad too! Use what's right for YOU. You can even store all the relevant information when you sell your car. Whether you consider yourself a typical car owner or a hard-core auto enthusiast, you'll appreciate the wide range of information you can store. 

So, you build street rods, collect classics, or restore muscle cars?
You'll love this software. You'll be able to track all parts and shop work performed on each project.

And you can store photos at each stage of completion. Plus you'll know exactly how much you've invested in each project.

Whether just your family cars, or a fleet, CARBuddy does the trick.
You get the power to track maintenance and costs for any number vehicles. The comprehensive

reports are indispensable for tracking your maintenance and expenses. It does the math, so you

don't have to. You can also filter by car group that is essential for fleet management.

YES There is more...

You get dozens of helpful car care tips, including information about tires, paint, oil viscosity, and

some important safety tips to help you prepare for and cope with roadside emergencies when they occur. Store images of your service receipts and pictures of your cars, and track common

replacement parts like plugs and filters. Even estimate the payments of your next car loan, and

record names and addresses of frequent contacts in the address book. Any type of documentation that you want to link to a car no problem CARBuddy can do.  


Please visit us at to find out more about this one of a kind award winning software package.

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